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Scientists and Physicians Ask Gov. Cuomo To Face Facts

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo 
Governor of New York State 
The Capitol 
Albany, New York 12224
July 20, 2012
Dear Governor Cuomo,
We are New York State scientists and medical professionals writing to express our
alarm at your remarks during a June 22nd radio broadcast in which you signal an
imminent end to the review process of high-volume hydraulic fracturing and allege
that “facts and logic and science and information” are not currently informing the
ongoing conversation about fracking.

To the contrary, we, the undersigned members of the scientific and medical
communities, have continuously provided facts, logic, science, and information
about fracking throughout the four-year review process. We have shared our
research findings, summarized evidence, submitted hundreds of comments, and
provided oral and written testimony. The problem is not a lack of scientific
discourse. The problem is that the voice of science is not being heard.
Where facts, logic, science, and information are missing is within the revised draft
Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (sGEIS) itself. This
planning document suffers from arbitrary, biased, unscientific analysis and
multiple data gaps. We concur with the findings of the recent report issued by
Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy and Environmental
Working Group, which identifies the ten most serious deficiencies in this draft
plan.* Namely, 
• No empirical scientific data on drilling and fracking risks 
• Drilling allowed too close to sensitive water supplies 
• No plan for disposing of millions of gallons of toxic wastewater 
• Radioactive pollution from drilling underestimated 
• Outdated studies to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from shale gas operations 
• No assessment of the impact of shale gas development on New Yorkers’ health 
• Little basic data on the location of underground water supplies, faults and flood
• No review of siting plans and risks of potentially explosive natural gas pipelines      
• No provisions to protect sensitive areas from vertical drilling and lower-volume
hydraulic fracturing 
• Too few inspectors to enforce scientifically rigorous regulations  


We insist that the above ten scientific deficiencies be comprehensively addressed
and resolved before any final sGEIS is released. We further insist that the resolution
of these deficiencies determine the decision to permit or prohibit hydraulic
fracturing in New York State. Otherwise, we will be forced to conclude the frenzied,
heedless, self- interested emotions of a gold rush—and not “facts and logic and
science and information”—are the guiding factors in the final determination on

In bringing to your attention once more the serious scientific flaws in New York’s
drilling plan, we also restate our opposition to shale gas fracturing demonstration
projects in Broome, Tioga, Chemung, Chenango, and Steuben counties or any
other areas of New York. Communities are not laboratories, and the human beings
who live there— including children, pregnant women, and elderly adults—are not
experimental subjects.

If the gross scientific inadequacies of the revised draft sGEIS document are not
resolved, then no final draft can be released and no decision can be made. We ask
that you listen to science. Scientists and medical professionals are available at any
time to answer your questions and provide input.

Larysa Dyrszka, MD, Bethel, New York
Sandra Steingraber, PhD 
Distinguished Scholar in Residence 
Department of Environmental Studies 
Ithaca College
Each signatory of this letter has significant professional experience in health care,
engineering, environmental science, and/or public health research. We write to you
as individuals and our professional affiliations are listed for your information only.
You should not infer any endorsement of our viewpoint by our affiliated
Additional signatories:
• Charles B Howarth, MD, Bassett Healthcare Network, Fly Creek, NY 
• Russell A. Charif, PhD, Research Team Leader, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 
• Michelle Bamberger, DVM, Veterinarian/Researcher, Cornell University, Ithaca, 
• Perry Sheffield, MD, Pediatrician, New York, NY 
• George Grills, PhD, Director of Operations of Core Facilities in the Life
Sciences and Director of Advanced Technology Assessment, Cornell University,
Ithaca, NY 
• Chris Callinan, Environmental Scientist / Watershed Technician, Rock Tavern,
• Jordan Lewart, DMD, Dentist, Orangeburg, NY 
• Stephen S. Schneider, MD, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Deposit, NY 
• Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY 
• Robert A. Schulman, MD, Callicoon Center, NY 
• Michael O’Brien, MD, Clinical Instructor of Medicine, University at Buffalo,
Buffalo, NY 
• Adam Law, MD, Ithaca, NY 
• Laura Stenzler, MS, Lab Manager, Evolutionary Biology Program, Cornell Lab
of  Ornithology, Ithaca, NY 
• Sandra G. Podulka, MS, Biologist, Brooktondale, NY 
• Jennifer Waldron, MS, NP, McDonough, NY 
• Paul Bermanzohn, MD, Rosendale, NY 
• Anthony R. Ingraffea, PhD, Dwight C. Baum Professor of Engineering, Cornell
University, Ithaca, NY 
• Cynthia Connine, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Binghamton University,
Endicott, NY 
• Peter Knuepfer, PhD, Associate Professor of Geology, Binghamton University,
Binghamton, NY 
• Richard A. Young, PhD, Distinguished Service Professor Geology, SUNY
Geneseo, Geneseo, NY 
• Peter Davies, PhD, Professor, Cornell University, Dryden, NY 
• J.B. Heiser, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Retired, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 
• Amy Sheldon, PhD, Assistant Professor, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY 
• Douglas A. Robinson, Jr., PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology, Mount Saint
Mary College, Newburgh, NY 
• Warren Davis, PhD, Laboratory Director, East Concord, NY 
• Andrea Worthington, PhD, Professor of Biology, Siena College, Loudonville,
• Ellen Henry, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
Medical  Center, Rochester, NY 
• John E. Titus, PhD, Associate Professor, Binghamton University, Binghamton,
• Thomas R. Kulp, PhD, Assistant Professor, Binghamton University,
Binghamton, NY 
• Allison Wilson, PhD, Bioscience Resource Project, Ithaca, NY 
• John Booker, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 
• Haribal Meena, PhD, Ithaca, NY 
• Carole Dennis, ScD, Associate Professor, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY 
• Diane Long, Associate Professor, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY 
• David Gould, MD, MBA, Livingston Manor, NY 
• Teresa R. Miller, MD, Aurora, NY 
• Ken Spaeth, MD, MPH, Environmental Health Specialist, Hastings on Hudson,
• Kathleen Nolan, MD, MSL, Director for the High Peaks, Catskill
Mountainkeeper, Woodstock, NY 
• Lisa Levine, MSN, RN, FNP, Nurse Practitioner, Great Neck, NY 
• Al Appleton, JD, Cooper Union Sustainability Advisor, New York, NY 
• Rhonda Peterson, MD, Almond, NY 
• Toby G. Rossman, PhD, Professor of Environmental Medicine, NYU-Langone
School of Medicine, Tuxedo, NY 
• James C. Macmillan, MD, Ithaca, NY 
• Mary Menapace, RN, Upstate Medical University, Syracuse NY 
• Barbour S Warren, PhD, Trumansburg, NY 
• Mayor Kevin Millar, CRNA, MSN, Owego, NY 
• Rick Stahlhut MD, MPH, University of Rochester Medical, Rochester, NY 
• Sarah Buckley, RN, BSN, CCRN, Wales, NY 
• Julie Huntsman, DVM, Council, Town of Otsego, NY 
• John Costello, MD, Ithaca, NY 
• Gerri Wiley, Public Health Nurse, Owego, NY 
• Jacque Millar, MSN, NP-C, SUNY Upstate Medical, Binghamton, NY 
• Dr. CK Durbak, Mountainside, NY 
• Ellen M. McHugh, MD, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Horseheads, NY 
• Anne B. Clark, PhD, Associate Professor, Binghamton University, Binghamton,
• Michelle McNamara, RN, School Nurse, Ithaca, NY 
• Amy Freeth, MD, Bassett Healthcare Network/Columbia College of Physicians
and Surgeons, Cooperstown, NY 
• Gianfranco Frittelli, MD, FACS, FAAP, Skaneateles, NY 
• Dr. Lance D. Hoffman, Environmental Engineering, Shandaken, NY 
• Meriamne Singer, MD, New York, NY 
• Lila Kalinich, MD, Professor, Columbia University, New York, NY 
• Susan Allen-Gil, PhD, Full Professor, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY 
• Arlene Bregman, Dr PhD, Educator, New York, NY 
• Kelly Branigan, RN, Middlefield, NY 
• Anthony F. DeVincentis III, MD, SUNY Upstate, Syracuse, NY 
• Peter Schwartz, MD, Ithaca, NY 
• Ellen Z. Harrison, Director, Cornell Waste Management Institute, Retired,
Cornell  University, Ithaca, NY 
• Heather Fiumera, PhD, Professor, Binghamton University, Vestal, NY 
• Luke Keller, PhD, Ithaca College, Freeville/Dryden, NY 
• Robert E. Oswald, PhD, Professor of Molecular Medicine, Cornell University,
Ithaca, NY 
• Daria B. Crittenden, MD, NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY 
• Donna Flayhan, PhD, Director, The Lower Manhattan Public Health Project,
State  University of New York at New Paltz, Kingston, NY 
• Mary Obrien, MD, Columbia University, New York, NY 
• Holly McGregor Anderson, BS, NM, RN, Executive Director, Breast Cancer
Coalition of Rochester, Rochester, NY 
• Chris Reiber, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Binghamton University,
Binghamton, NY 
• Victor Elinoff, MD, Binghamton, NY 
• Jeffrey D. Snedeker, MD, Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca, Ithaca, NY 
• Mary Herbst, RN, MS, Grand Island, NY 
• Coby Schultz, RN, BSN, Rochester General Hospital, Springwater, NY 
• Andrew Gold, DDS, White Lake, NY 
• Nancy Donnan Coleman, RN, BSN, Livonia, NY 
• Gayle Mosher, MD, St. James Mercy Hospital, Hornell, NY 
• Richard K. Miller, PhD, Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology, of Environmental
Medicine and of Pathology, University of Rochester School of Medicine and
Dentistry, Pittsford, NY 
• Howard Silcoff, MD, Dryden, NY 
• Judy Bussone, RN, BSN, Dewitt, NY 
• James T. Dalton, MD, Director of Medical Education/Designated Institutional
Official, Bassett Medical Center, Cooperstown, NY 
• Sandra J. Eleczko, DDS, Livonia, NY 
• Joyce Duck, Nurse Practitioner, Syracuse, NY 
• Claire Howard, Nurse Practitioner, Syracuse, NY 
• Nina Pesante, MD, SUNY Health Sciences Center at Syracuse, Vestal, NY 
• Kevin Maguire, MD, FACS, CWS, Dr., Bassett Healthcare System,
Cooperstown,  NY 
• David Schwalb, MD, Youngsville, NY 
• Richard Weiskopf, MD, Syracuse, NY 
• Elizabeth Salon, Family Nurse Practitioner, Tioga County Public Health Dept.,
Owego, NY 
• Rafferty Margaret, DNP, RN, MPH, New York, NY 
• Mary Eileen Callan, Family Nurse Practitioner, Webster, NY 
• Gay Hosmer, MPH, MCH, Ogdensburg, NY 
• Mark Goldgeier, MD, CCD, Rochester, NY 
• Mary Nichols, LPN, Sidney Center, NY 
• Kim Baker, MSN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Community Health, Albany, NY 
• Daniel Miller, MD, New Rochelle, NY 
• Kristine Noonan, Registered Nurse, Buffalo, NY 
• Antoinette Kuzminski, MD, Bassett Healthcare Network, Cooperstown, NY 
• Bill Podulka, PhD, Physicist, Caroline, NY 
• Cynthia Burger, Executive Director, Medical Societies of the Counties of
Broome, Otsego and Tompkins, Binghamton, NY 
• Donna Florkiewicz, RN, Ellis Hospital, Schenectady, NY 
• Michael Branigan, CRNA, MS, Cooperstown, NY 
• David Wirtz, MD, MPH, SUNY, Ithaca, NY 
• David O. Carpenter, MD, Director and Professor, University at Albany,
Rensselaer, NY 
• Brent White, MD, General Surgeon, Cooperstown, NY 
• Alfred Peterson, Dr, Binghamton, NY 
• Samantha K. Davenport, MD, Chief of Pathology, Bassett Healthcare Network,
Cooperstown, NY 
• Anne Gadomski, MD, MPH, Research Scientist and Pediatrician, Bassett
Medical  Center, Cooperstown, NY 
• Stephanie Oceguera, MD, Bassett Healthcare, Cooperstown, NY 
• Paul Klawitter, MD, PhD, Manlius, NY 
• Lisa Rucker, MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY 
• Philip Goodman, MD, Binghamton, NY 
• Christine Ambrosone, PhD, Chair, Dept. of Cancer Prevention and Control,
Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY 
• David Fanion, MD, Cooperstown, NY 
• Emily DeSantis, DO, Bassett Healthcare, Cooperstown, NY 
• Laura Neiman, PsyD, New York, NY 
• Matthew Spencer, MD, Otsego, NY 
• Susan Fiore, MD, Bassett Healthcare, Walton, NY 
• Andrew D. Coates, MD, Albany Medical College, Delmar, NY 
• Richard A. Bennett, MD, PhD, Physician (and former toxicologist (MIT),
Bassett Healthcare Network, Cooperstown, NY 
• E. Louis Priem, MD, Intensivist, Bassett Medical Center, Cooperstown, NY 
• Niksa Vlasic, MD, Arnot Ogden Medical Center, Elmira, NY 
• Leslie Bank, MD, Binghamton, NY 
• Patricia Gambitta, PhD, Psychologist, Bassett Medical Center, Cooperstown,
• Florence S. Lee, MD, Endwell, NY 
• Beth Olearczyk, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Columbia
University, Cooperstown, NY 
• Joseph Mannino, MD, Trumansburg, NY 
• Bonnie Spanier, PhD, U. at Albany, SUNY, Albany, NY 
• David T. Griger, DO, Bassett Health Center, Cooperstown, NY 
• Lynn Darkow, RN, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 
• Raquel Rosen, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Columbia
University, Cooperstown, NY 
• Sharon Ziegler, MD, Family Medicine Associates of Ithaca, Ithaca, NY 
• John Schwartz, PhD, Physics, retired, Ithaca College, Richford, New York 
• David Duggan, MD, Interim Dean, College of Medicine, SUNY Upstate,
Syracuse, NY 
• Ann Wexler, MSW, Ithaca, NY 
• Peter Clark, MD, Groton, NY 
• Stephanie Westerman, DVM, Medaille College, Buffalo, NY 
• James W Walker, MD, Bassett Healthcare Network, Oneonta, NY 
• Cora Lee Foster, MD, Ithaca, NY 
• Edward Bischof, MD, Bassett Healthcare, Cooperstown 
• Arnold Matlin, MD, Physician, Linwood, NY 
• Ann Mathias, RN, Buffalo, NY 
• Cornelia Farnum, Dr., Cornell University, Brooktondale, NY 
• Nancy B. Stewart, MD, Ithaca, NY 
• Ellie Kraft-Sanders, Nurse Practitioner, Ithaca, NY 
• Margaret Mitchell, MD, SUNY at Buffalo, Amherst, NY 
• Karen M. Landt, MS, NP, MS, Nurse Practitioner, Clinton Crossings
Dermatology, Rochester, NY 
• Paul A. Dura, MD, Rheumatologist/Internist, Upstate Medical, Binghamton
Clinical Campus, Binghamton, NY 
• Marne O’Shae, MD, Clinical Director, Ithaca NY 
• Humaira Hassan, MD, Internal Medicine, Ithaca, NY 
• Steven Berk, MD, Scarsdale, NY 
• Eric Lessinger, MD, Family Physician, Cayuga Med Center, Trumansburg, NY 
• Chad Haller, MD, Queens, NY 
• Alice Grow, RN, Newfield, NY 
• JR Latham, Dr., Ithaca, NY 
• Barbara F. Usher, PhD, Ithaca, NY 
• Christina La Barre, MS, FNP, MS, FNP, Bassett Healthcare, Cooperstown, NY 
• Janice Pegels, MD, Binghamton/Chenango, NY 
• Diane Dougherty, RN, Brooktondale, NY 
• Vicki E. Cohn, DDS, Ellis Hospital, Schenectady, NY 
• Rebekah Bowser, RN, BSN, Phoenixville, NY 
• Emoke Karonis, Clinical RN 3, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New
York, NY 
• Mary Jo Provenzano, RN, Callan Harris Physical Therapy, Rochester, NY 
• Judith Maidenbaum, PhD, New York, NY 
• Eric London, MD, psychiatrist, Autism Science Foundation, Bethel, NY 
• Esther Herkowitz, LMHC, Newfield, NY 
• Vicki Meyers-Wallen, Associate Professor, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 
• Kenneth Jaffe, MD, Physician & Farmer, Slope Farms, Meredith, NY 
• Karen Matteson, RN, Tonawanda, NY 
• Andrew Rauscher MD, Richfield Springs, NY 
• Marcelo A Barreiro, MD, MSc, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY 
• Amr A Shady, MD, United Medical Associates, Johnson City, NY 
• Elmer E. Ewing, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Cornell College of Ag. & Life
Sciences, Ithaca, NY 
• Deborah Jacobi-Rodriguez, PNP, Tonawanda, NY 
• Bruce Cavaretta, EMT-P/CIC, Bloomfield, NY 
• Susanne Callan-Harris, Physical Therapist, University Health Services URMC,
Rochester, NY 
• Jose Torrado, MD, Ithaca, NY 
• David Bernard, MD, Bassett Healthcare, Cooperstown, NY 
• Martin C Mahoney, MD, Amherst, NY 
• William Richtsmeier, MD, PhD, Chief of Otolaryngology, Bassett Health
Network, Cooperstown, NY 
• Elizabeth Boham, MD, Valatie, NY 
• Luis Oceguera, MD, Bassett Medical Center, Cooperstown, NY 
• Amanda Gulla, PhD, Lehman College/CUNY, Bronx, NY 
• Kitty Vetter, RN and Sullivan County Legislator, Livingston Manor, NY 
• Andrew Kanter Assistant Professor of Clinical Biomedical Informatics and
Clinical Epidemiology, Earth Institute/Columbia University, New York, NY 
• Michael Millar, RN, BA in Geosciences from Hamilton College, BS in Nursing
from University of Rochester, Owego, NY
• Anne Stork, PhD from the Department of Ecology and Systematics, Cornell
University; Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at Ithaca,
Ithaca, NY
• Jackie Gagen, NM, CNM, MS, Skaneateles, NY
• Gene Sienkiewicz, Assoc. Clinical Professor of Dermatology, SUNY Upstate,
Vestal, NY
• Dr. Michelle Pavillard, University Of New England College Of Osteopathic
Medicine grad. 1982, Board Certified, Corning, NY
• Gretchen Hodgdon, MD, Bassett Medical Center, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Cooperstown, NY
• John Robert Leuenberger, DO, Resident in Family Medicine, Johnson City, NY
• Lisa Brothwell, PhD, East Aurora Psychological Services, East Aurora, NY
• David S Dinhofer, Clinical Assistant Professor, Radiology, SUNY Downstate
Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
• Shannon Gearhart, MD, East Elmhurst, NY
• Suzanne Anderson, MD, Trumansburg Family Health Center, Trumansburg, NY
• Michael Tunick, DO, Licensed in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine,
Apalachin, NY
• Renee E. Mestad, MD, MSCI, DO, SUNY Upstate Medical University,
Syracuse, NY
• Mary K Bennett, MD, Emergency Physician, Buffalo, NY
• Antonia Demas, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar, Johns Hopkins School of Public
Health, Trumansburg, NY
• Natalie Tulchin, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Mt.Sinai School of Medicine, New
York, NY
• Mark Witmer, DO, Wells College, Berkshire, NY
• Catherine Ross, DVM, Colonial Veterinary Hospital, Ithaca, NY
• Jane Schantz, Family Nurse Practitioner, Ithaca, NY
• Emily Greenspan, M.D., Brooklyn, NY
• Charlotte Phillips, M.D., Brooklyn, NY
• Laurie Freeman, Associate Professor, Fulton-Montgomery Community College,
Johnstown, NY
• Toni Kurasch, RN, New York, NY
• Susan Emerson, MD, Cobleskill, NY
• Stephen Dahmer, MD, CCHH, Family Medicine, New York, NY
• Robert S. Kurtz, MD, Visiting Associate Professor, SUNY DMC, Surgery,
Brooklyn, NY
• Maxine Orris, MD, New York, NY
• Marina Kubicek, RN, Forest Hills, NY
• Lawrence Schneider, Professional Engineer, Cooper Union, Forest Hills, NY
• Michele Manisoff, MA, OTR/L, Long Island City, NY
• Jeremiah Gelles, MD, Brooklyn, NY
• Jean Naples, Tropical Medicine Researcher, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School
of Public Health, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, West Haverstraw,
• Mary Wheat, MD, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY
• Paul L Houston, Peter W Debye Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, Cornell
University, Ithaca, NY
• Gerson Lesser, Professor, NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY
• Norma MT Braun, MD, College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia
University, Medicine, New York, NY
• Carl Braun, MD, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospitals, Neurology, New York, NY
• Nathan Boddie, MD, MS, New York, NY
• Sharon Nolting, MA, LCSW, Psychotherapy, New York, NY
• Anna Burton, MD, Physician, NYU Langone Medical Center, Psychiatry, New
York, NY
• Shirley Schue, PNP, Pediatrics, Cooperstown, NY
• Nan Simpson, R.N., Amherst, NY
• Frederick M. Barken, M. D., Physician, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
• Andrew Sikora, Assistant Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine,
Otolaryngology, New York, NY
• Jonathan Raskin, MD, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY
• Jill Schneiderman, Professor of Earth Science, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie,
• Ralph Alvarez, MD, Warwick, NY
• Margo Yntema, RN, Cayuga Medical Center, Willseyville, NY
• Gregory Weiland, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Cornell University,
Molecular Medicine, Groton, NY
• Deborah Carrasquillo, MS, RN, PMC, Nurse Educator, Warsaw, NY
• Karen Blain, NNP, South Wales, NY
• Gerson Lesser, MD, Clinical Professor, NYU School of Medicine, New York,
• Thomas Fasy, MD, PhD, New York, NY
• Laura Kilty, MD, Bassett Health Network, Surgery, Cooperstown, NY
• Marybeth Carlberg, MD, SUNY Upstate, Family Practice, Skaneateles, NY

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